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Why are holidays good for you? – Newark Lodge
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16 Dec

Why are holidays good for you?

Your much awaited time off is just around the corner and you’re looking forward to a nice, relaxing time?

Holidays and short breaks have more health benefits than you think. In addition to discovering and enjoying new experiences, you can also get in shape and even start a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s why holidays are good for you…

Perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep

The stress at work and sleep deprivation can cause average performance, premature ageing and even illness, that’s why holidays are the ideal time to relax and recharge your batteries.
According to some scientists, whilst we are sleeping, our bodies undergo really important changes, from renewal to repair and energy restoration, sleeping is also excellent for our immune system.

Sunlight benefits

Although some of you may think that sunlight is not really good for your skin, this is more important than you imagine. Firstly the lack of sunlight is thought to “trigger seasonal affective disorder”, so if lately you’ve been suffering from stress or sadness, going on a holiday can do the trick and put you in a cheerful mood.

Laughing is always important

Certainly, everyone loves to laugh, and if you’re having a pleasant holiday, you’re more likely to be happy. According to recent research, laugh can strengthen your immune system and can help minimise the risk of illness, be it allergic reactions or heart disease.

Walking, cycling and more exercise

Forget about the car, take the opportunity to walk and cycle whilst on holiday. Go out, explore the areas around you and keep in shape. If you want a gentle work-out, a lap in the sea or the pool can definitely be a good way to exercise and stretch your body.

Wonderful, happy memories

Holidays often bring back happy memories. Thinking back on these wonderful moments spent with your friends or family is an excellent way to relax and meditate. According to recent studies, thinking about your holiday relaxes your mind and puts you in a state of meditation. In this case, “this image can be useful to call up before a nerve-racking experience – for example, public speaking or visiting the dentist.”

Enjoy your holidays and recharge your batteries at the Newark Lodge Guest House

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your holidays, look no further than Newark Lodge Guest House! From excellent, fresh and delicious cooked food to comfortable rooms and wonderful surroundings, there’s plenty to see and do in Newark. Get in touch with us today on 01636 703 999 or send us an email at coolspratt@aol.com and we’ll be happy to welcome you at our lovely guest house!

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